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Use the 250K keywords in our Search feature dictionary or add your own custom keywords. See what apps are ranked for each keyword in the app stores by platform and country.

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Get email alerts when apps drop or scale positions in the keyword ranks - both yours and your competitors'.

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Track your competitors' performance in keyword search results and category ranks. Analyze their changelogs to discover their ASO strategy.

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Find out which keywords are driving organic traffic to your app - or to your competitors. Our ASO tool covers both Google Play and the App Store.

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Identify new competitors

Identify who's competing for the same keywords and category as your app. Browse our huge catalog of app profiles, including historical data on category ranks, top keywords driving traffic, and their complete changelog history.

ASO Trends

Understand the reason behind the app store rankings

Mobonaut's charts show you the changelog of any app right in the graph. Visualize the impact of a change in app description or a new logo.

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